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Reigning Rhinestones
One of the Most Exciting Photo Contests on the Internet!
Entry Form
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Steps to Enter Contest:

step 1. Fill out Online Entry Form ( on this page below instructions )
step 2. Click Link to receive Paypal Request or Mailing Address for Money Orders  (CLICK HERE)
step 3. Confirm Paypal by following instructions in email you receive from me.
step 4. Send in Photos (600-1000 pixels Tall) (with name,age and category: Natural or Glamour) to


Please Submit Entry form electronically using the submit button at the bottom and please print a copy and include it with your photos, fees and a SASE
if you are mailing your photos by regular mail.

Please mail to:
Chantelle Ripley
9221 72nd Ave E
Puyallup Wa 98371

We prefer to accept photos by Email when possible.


Contestants Full Name

Current Age

Date of Birth

Shipping Address

City State Zipcode

Parents Names

Telephone Number

Email Address

Referred By:

Saw Ad on

I will be:
Sending Photo(s) by EMAIL
Sending Photo(s) by Regular Mail

I will be:
Using Paypal to pay Entry Fees (I will email you for a paypal request when I receive entry form)
Sending a Money Order or Cash by Regular Mail

I am entering the Following Events:

$75 UNLIMITED headshots in 1 event (Glamour OR Natural)
Yes No

Enter your choice: Glamour or Natural


$100 UNLIMITED headshots in BOTH events (Glamour AND Natural)
Yes No


Individual Headshot Entries: Specify whether Glamour or Natural

$25 1st GLAMOUR Headshot Yes No

$20 2nd GLAMOUR Headshot Yes No

$15 3rd GLAMOUR Headshot Yes No

$15 4th GLAMOUR Headshot Yes No

$25 1st NATURAL Headshot Yes No

$20 2nd NATURAL Headshot Yes No

$15 3rd NATURAL Headshot Yes No

$15 4th NATURAL Headshot Yes No


Discounts: Only claim 1 PER Photo. (Guestbook, Coupons, DD Contest Win, Sponsored contest win)


If I should win Ultimate Natural or Glamour Supreme, I prefer to receive:
$200 Cash Custom Logo Crown, Robe & Banner

If I should win Grand Natural or Glamour Supreme I prefer to receive:
$75 Cash Crown & Banner

If I should win an Overall Optional: I prefer to receive:
2 FREE DD $5 Entries Personalized 10-12" Photo Trophy

By Reading the rules below, typing my name and submitting this entry form,
I agree to the rules and wish to be entered in this contest.
I understand that there will be 3-7 Judges and the Judges names are to remain anonymous.
Judges decisions are final.

The Ripleys: Reigning Rhinestones National Photo Contest and Chantelle Ripley
are not liable for misdirected mail or email, postage due, or damage of photos.

I understand that the Ultimate Supreme may re-enter the following
month only with different photos and that the winning photos cannot be used
for 3 months (3 Contests).

I understand that the deadline for entry into the contest is posted on the website.

I understand that full payment must be received by deadline or
the Director has the right to pull the contestant from competition.

I understand should my Echeck or payment not clear the Bank after Judging has
begun & prior to Announcement of winners, that the contestant will forfeit any
title earned and will still be held liable for the entry fees.

I understand that Ultimate Supremes will be awarded regardless of the number of contestants entered,
but that Grand Supremes will only be awarded with a minimum of 15 contestants in each event (Glamour or Natural)

I understand that by entering this contest I am giving permission for my
child's winning photos to be used for promotional advertising related to
this contest only on or off the internet.

Title awards will be shipped within 4-8 weeks
upon announcement of winners.

There will be NO refund, NO exceptions.

Scores & Judges Comments will be sent upon parents request only within 2 weeks of announcement of winners,
after this time scores are subject to deletion.

I have read the rules and agree to the rules
Signature & Date

Copyright 2001-2004.  Reigning Rhinestones National Photo Contest.

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