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Reigning Rhinestones
One of the Most Exciting Photo Contests on the Internet!
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                 2004 Reigning Rhinestones (RR) Contest NEW Rules
                                      We accept Any Contestant, you do not need to be a member of The Final Crown. 
Compete in: Natural/Snapshot or Glamour/Pro photos
We accept All ages. Boys & Girls

Entry fees:
$25  1 GLAMOUR or NATURAL Headshot
$20   2nd headshot of same event (Glamour or Natural)
$15   3rd-4th-5th headshot of same event (Glamour or Natural)
$75 for Unlimited headshots in Glamour or Natural
$100 for UNLIMITED headshots in Both Glamour AND Natural
Please add a handling/service fee of 4% + .30 cent to entry fee total.

Email or regular mail Entry Fees & Photo(s)
Use Mandatory Online Entry Form.
All quality of photos are accepted.

Natural Photos are: Studio or Snapshot ONLY. Ie. Sears, JcPennys, Walmart, Kmart etc.
Studio or portfolio photos are acceptable if there is not a lit up background matching your clothing etc.

Glamour Photos are: Professional Pageant Photos, Anything Goes: Makeup, digital, glamour is ok.
Basically, any photo you would enter at a national pageant.

Photos may be emailed together in one email but only in jpg format, or they may be mailed by regular mail.
We will return photos only if accompanied by a SASE (self addressed stamped envelope)
Fall backs: If your birthday falls in the contest month, that month only,
you may choose to remain in the same age group or advance to the next age group.

*NEW Rule Change*
There are no longer any age groups.
Ultimate Supreme Natural & Glamour will be awarded regardless of # of contestants entered!
However Grand Natural & Glamour (2nd highest scores) will only be awarded with 15+ contestants in each group.
Photos will be judged on:
   *Overall Beauty (Face, Eyes, Expression, Hair if applicable)
   *First Impression  (Wow.. does it stand out and grab your attention??)
   *Photogenic appeal (Is this a package photo?)

Each Photo will be scored on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the highest score,
however +'s may be given by judges, and will be used to break any ties.
Your Highest Scoring Photo will be used.  *NOTE*
It is to your advantage to enter more than 1 photo if you have more.
Some judges like B/W, some like Color, Some like smiles, Some like serious. 
More photos increase your chance at a high score! YOU MAY REQUEST your scores & Judges comments after winners are posted.

Ultimate Natural Supreme & Ultimate Glamour Supreme
Grand Natural Supreme & Grand Glamour Supreme
Overall Optionals in Glamour & Natural
Ultimate Supremes & Grand Supremes will be showcased on website for a minimum of 3 months up to 1 year.
Winners may also be used in advertising both on the internet as well as in print ads.

Awards (crowns, trophies & banners) will be shipped within 4-8 weeks of the POSTING of winners on the website.
NOT The Date you entered, or the beginning of the contest...The DATE the Winners are Posted!!

If for any reason, any of the crowns/trophies are unavailable , out of stock, out of production, or delayed.
The Ripleys: Reigning Rhinestones National Photo Contest agrees to substitute a crown of equal quality and value to the winner(s). Winners will be posted on website by the 20th. 
Unless otherwise Noted due to unusual circumstances or unavoidable delays. Ultimate Supremes & Grand
Supremes may not re-enter their winning photo for 3 mths (3 contests).. however they may re-enter immediately with a different photo other than the winning photo. No Refunds! No Exceptions!
full payment must be received by last day of the month or
the Director has the right to pull the contestant from competition.
Echecks must clear prior to judging.
All paypal payments must be sent as a SERVICE only
3-6 Judges will be used and their names will remain anonymous. Judges are QUALIFIED, experienced with natural & glitz pageants and are never solicited from any yahoogroups.

Judges decisions are Final!


 *If you are not yet a Final Crown kid, you can still Claim the Points you win from us..
you have 30 days from the day you won to sign up as a final crown contestant. Email here

Copyright 2001-2004.  Reigning Rhinestones National Photo Contest.

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